Creating a Better Future – Andie’s Journey of Leadership Transformation

Just over a year into owning her own business, Andie Bordes, Executive Director of Duluth Foster, needed guidance. “I had consistently been stuck in a place where I was surrounded by competent employees who were entirely sold on my business’s philosophies, but I still felt overworked and overstressed,” explained Andie.

“Leadership is an empowering, yet lonely place at times,” continued Andie. She did not hesitate to partner with growth coach, Liz Dean, to unearth solutions. Andie had her own preconceived action plan, but quickly came to the realization that her internal compass had pointed her in the wrong direction. She was trying to control the things around her instead of relying on her internal source of control and her decisions. “The more in tune I am with who I am and what I want, the better I’m going to lead my company to success.”

Creating a clear path

Initially, Andie perceived her barrier to fulfillment and success as connecting the dots between her leadership team and their full potential. She quickly realized that she was holding back her own unlocked potential to achieve what coach Liz refers to as “joyful growth.” Andie was aware that stepping into a coaching commitment would require her to be vulnerable, especially in identifying the things that weren’t working. “Admitting what’s not working has become easier but so has giving myself credit and recognizing my strengths,” explained Andie. “My happiness has skyrocketed!”

Andie learned a successful outcome was not only to be a strong, collaborative fully-functioning leadership team. She also realized accepting the successes, failures and “in-betweens” that come with being a business owner gave her “the most peace she’s ever felt!” Andie said the coaching process provided her with the tools to “correct situations faster, process more soundly, make better and more efficient decisions, see the future more clearly and create a path to get there more easily.”

Discovering a new view on success

“Success doesn’t mean working 9-5, and then some, just to prove a point, uphold appearances or ensure you’re involved in every aspect of your business,” realized Andie. “Success doesn’t mean being the person that everyone looks to for day-to-day decisions, and it doesn’t mean being a martyr for your business at all costs.”

Through coaching, Andie shifted her perspective and found joyful success and growth in establishing a realistic workload, managing her responsibilities rather than a time clock, being mindful of the unspoken weight she carries as a business owner, and doing what she needed to fill her own cup. She learned how to manage her time and responsibilities by stepping back from the things that did not require her involvement, leaving more time for personal fulfillment. She felt this change led her to become a better wife, mother and leader.

Increasing well-being and confidence

“Coaching has 100% impacted my personal well-being more than anything,” noted Andie. “A direct result of being a healthier person is naturally being a better leader. My leadership team looks to me with more confidence, and I’ve been able to empower others to be confident in themselves through leading by example,” noted Andie.

“With the changes I’ve made over the last six months through coaching, I feel I’ve broken through the traditional expectations of what it should look like to be a business owner,” adds Andie. “I have begun to live my life in ways I know will make the best impact on those around me because I’m taking care of myself, protecting my own needs and my role as a business owner and not allowing my tank to continue to run dry.” “Liz is an incredible guide,” affirms Andie. “She asks thought-provoking questions and mirrors back the messages I’m communicating, giving me an opportunity to view the accuracy or validity of where my headspace is. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can capture all of the intricate details of what I’m saying and be able to so accurately pour them back to me. I’ve never felt like Liz is anything but 1,000% committed to me and my process when we work together.”

Elevating impact and results

Ultimately, the coaching experience has the potential to lead entrepreneurs into a state of mind and action where they are honed into their strengths and applying them to the areas of their business that are going to make the greatest impact, resulting in optimal performance and return according to Andie.

“The sky is the limit with the coaching relationship,” says Andie. “If business owners are committed to unlocking their personal, professional and desired potential, Liz is going to be the guide to get you there. Executive coaching is 100% worth the investment. Whether the goal is professional growth or financial return, business owners who walk through this process with Liz will see their dreams come to fruition when they’re committed to the process and willing to put in the work,” concludes Andie.

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