Unleashing Potential – Dr. Chiamaka’s path to achieving greater success and happiness through clarity, personal growth and empowerment

Dr. Chiamaka J. Enemuoh, DNP, FNP-BC, is the President and Licensed Assisted Living Director of Lifestone Health Care, Inc., located in Proctor, MN. Dr. Chiamaka knew she needed to make some drastic changes in her professional and personal life. She was struggling to find balance and striving to find solutions. While she had her own ideas of how to go about making some adjustments, thoughts began swirling in her head leading to a sense of confusion and uncertainty.

Dr. Chiamaka realized she needed help to break through her limitations, fears and confusion and began to consider the possibility of working with an executive coach.

Overcoming uncertainty

Initially, Dr. Chiamaka was reluctant to take the next step because she indicated she lacked the understanding of how and if an executive coach could be helpful to her specific situation. She eventually convinced herself she had absolutely nothing to lose.

Dr. Chiamaka turned to Liz Dean, LDean Coaching. Her hesitancy quickly dissipated when she came to understand the comfort and reassurance of having a highly-credentialed thought-partner at her side. Through Liz’s unique blend of coaching techniques, knowledge and wealth of resources, Dr. Chiamaka quickly began to identify solutions, find clarity, joyful growth and realize amazing results!

Attaining clarity

“Liz Dean’s coaching services helped me to confirm where I needed to make changes and the right way to go about doing so,” explained Dr. Chiamaka. “With the guidance I received from coaching, I was able to start implementing positive changes in different areas of my life with much more confidence. I accomplished most of my goals sooner due to having better clarity. Liz helped me to gain several areas of my life back and brought back genuine happiness to my life.”

“Coaching services helped me understand and leverage my strengths as a leader and establish effective ways to improve areas of opportunities to lead our organization more effectively,” added Dr. Chiamaka. “For instance, I am better able to delegate effectively and employees are more engaged in our organization’s goals. These efforts have led to improved efficiency, employee retention and sustainable operation.”

Achieving Positive results

Dr. Chiamaka expressed gratitude for the quickly-achieved and positive results she experienced personally and professionally from her coaching experience. “Liz Dean is professional, thoughtful, kind, well-informed and much more. Liz comes prepared for each coaching session, listens attentively, captures important details and uses them to effectively ask the right questions and provide helpful summaries.”

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